Are you a “river rat”?

Colorado River

Soak up the sun! The water is spectacular!This place lies on the western banks of the Colorado River in the Mojave Valley called Needles, Ca a popular stop on the historic U.S. Route 66 highway!

Topock, CA
Topock Bar and Grill

Make sure to make a quick stop at Topock restaurant, bar, and grill. They have a cute gift shop with all the best river rat attire you could ever need! The barbecue food is amazing and they have a house size meat smoker with a whole other section with a pool and dj area. Perfect place to take a break from the sun and bring the kids. Also dog friendly! And a place to refuel your boat or jet ski. There’s great fishing near that I can’t wait to explore more of!

Depending on where you are staying it’s always nice to have all the toys you’d need for a fun vacation! Not to far from where we rented a home there’s the Avi Resort and Casino and lots of places to camp or take a motorhome.

One of the most popular places to visit near here is Pirates Cove. In the winter people like to bring their raptors to go in the sand dunes. Lots of options around this area!

Go for a ride on the boat or enjoy the beach right out front. You can do it all in less then 2 days! Personally I love to go for 4-5 nights because some days you can get tired from all the sun and just want to chill or take a nap. Great place to stay with family or even just a quick getaway!

We decided to rent a boat this time around and explore the area. We went as far as Lake Havasu, then turned around and took our time. Along the way we went through a canyon that I honestly fell in love with. The next time we go I’m making a point to take a boat there again and just enjoy the day at. Bring a cooler, food, and a float! Oh and don’t forget the water and sunscreen! Sometimes when preparing for these things we get excited and forget to double check the little things…

After we spent most of the days in the sun we decided to hangout in front of our rental home with family and catch the views, and boy it did not disappoint. It had been a while since we were all together like that! I don’t know about you but family is everything. If you are interested even a little bit about this place after reading this, add it to your bucket list!

Enjoy the end of the night with sunset views and if not to tired maybe some fishing… Whatever floats your boat!

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