RV Road Trippin!!!

Hey guys! We are excited to share with you our RV adventure, something we’ve been wanting to do for years! We will be going through CA, AZ, NV, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and ID…

Here we go!

We Started off by renting an RV from http://www.cruiseamerica.com. We picked it up the night before we left and filled it with all our camping gear. The RV had lots of storage and it seemed to be well taken care of.

The only thing we had to do in the morning was pack up the dogs stuff and make sure they were secure for the trip.

How to personalize your space efficiently…

I added rugs to eliminate the slipperiness of the flooring and by doing so it added color that brightens up your space.

We stopped for gas in Barstow at the Flying J. Great place for larger RV’s.

As the tank was filling, we took the dogs out to go to the bathroom and then made sandwiches for the road. The fridge/freezer has enough room for a full 7 day trip!

On the road again!

I take a lot of pictures of what’s going on and luckily for Travis and the dogs, they get to be in a lot of them! Lol

As I sit here writing this, the views of the desert are looking like something out of a movie.

The dogs have finally gotten used to the rv which is relieving lol

Before getting to Vegas, we stopped in Henderson, NV at the Shell station. There we fed the dogs dinner, then took them to the restroom.

First time in Arizona and the views did not disappoint!

We don’t have that far to go. I’d love a glass of wine please!

1st campsite

Awe we finally made it! Point Supreme campground. We’re super tired! But we will eat and then head to bed…..

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