Flying Cars!

The race towards consumer-ready flying cars has the auto industry exploding!!!

New Hampshire just passed what is called “The Jetsons Bill,” becoming the first state to legalize flying cars that will lead the way for others to do the same!!!

Roadable aircraft will require a pilot’s license, a tail number and have to follow FAA standards and inspections, but they will not have separate road inspections. Also, they can only take off and land at airports.

Governor Chris Sununu has signed HB 1182 into law and it’s only a matter of time until New Hampshire is filled with flying cars!!!They’ll be able to fly ‘n’ drive anywhere they want, as long as it’s not to any other state.

Several flying cars are competing to become the next transportation alternative and one of them is called Switchblade made by Samson. The benefits are the convenience, more efficient and able to store in the garage…

In 2016 the FAA gave Terrafugia’s flying Transition an exemption, allowing it to be certified as a light-sport aircraft. The aircraft has to be under a certain weight, have a single-engine, seat no more than two people, and follow speed limitations.

“Electric vehicles have limited time for hovering, so every aircraft needs to be able to land somewhere like a nearby Costco parking lot,” said Guy Kaplinsky, one of the founders of ASKA, which aims to have a flying car in the air by 2025.

Electric Flying Taxis A Reality!

Porsche and Boeing estimate that commercial passenger drones will hit the market as early as 2025, and several concept models are ready to fly as early as next year.

Companies like PAL-V hope to use existing roadways or expanded highways for their projects, while startups like ASKA are developing flying cars that can land and take off from regular parking spaces.

Uber’s taxi project will be available commercially around 2023. They plan on testing its technology in cities Los Angeles, Dallas and Dubai by the end of 2020 and they say you won’t need a runway.

Would you feel comfortable with them flying around in your neighborhood?

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