How To Maximize A Small Space…

Don’t have enough storage? Create it!

Use a wall or make a separation wall with a rack or shelves. Get Them Here!

You can even go as far as making the shelves. Make a design and get funky with it!!!

What’s the space used for?

Make a list of what will be going in the space. Although we want to things to look pretty, space has to make sense to us. This will allow us to function and perform better in our lives.

What’s your style?

Maybe there are special memorabilia given to you that you’d like to display. My mom gave me A collection that her grandmother gave her that I like to display instead of hide away. What’s the point of having nice things and not let them shine? Plus if we love it, it’s part of our style and that deserves a display!

Are you living with someone you’d like to combine styles with?

What do they like?

Any style is a good pick as long as you love it. Subtle enhancements will go a long way.

Make it fun!

The wall has a nice blue color on it that matches nicely with the pieces I already had. This helps you save money for the things you don’t have.

And there ya go! A simple/ fun way to change things up!!!

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