How to workout when you’re always busy!

We all can get super busy with life and forget to stay on top of our health routine… It’s harder to get back into it and easier to fall out of it.

I find it easier to schedule before hand the times you will be working out so you can stay on top of it! You will feel so good about yourself when you follow through and will see results faster when you’re consistent! And don’t forget to do cardio!

Think about what you are going to eat and make note of it. Keeping a journal whatever works best!

Stay hydrated and always keep a lot of water on you!

Here’s a trainer I highly recommend!

Cindy Mac trainer from Orange County, Ca has the best vibe and knows all different types of ways to train you!

When I started training with her I was recovering from a fractured neck due to a car accident. I was weak and had been relying on cardio to stay in shape.

She made my core stronger and taught me safe exercises while changing it up!

She will also help you through Skype, Zoom, whatever’s easier or convenient for you to train!

Hit her up she would love to hear from you!

You can reach her at

Make it count! Get your body moving and if you need a little help contact Cindy Mac! You won’t regret it!!!!

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