Home design that’s you!

Home design is something that comes from within! Anyone has the power to create a lifestyle they see in their heads, Sometimes we just need a little help! Design 101 helps you step by step with your home design!!!!!

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Home Design

Mix and match what you like and follow through with what’s in your head! First it starts with a thought! The sheets and bedding we are sleeping in is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Make sure your getting the right materials for your skin type. Yes the materials we put on our bodies matters!!!

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Home Design

Have you ever wanted to redo your shelves? They can add any vibe to the space. The simplicity of placement makes the shelves more artistic. This is the fun part!

Use what you have all around you and clean out those drawers! You never know what you’ll find in them!

When styling a coffee table it’s always easiest to use things with different geometric shapes and heights. If you want to add color to the room add some real plants in a pot that represents you! One of my favorite things to do when designing is to add many layers.

Home Design

When walking through the front door its always nice to have a place to put your key, hats, jackets, and bags. Find something that’s for mixed use!

Here are a few entryway pieces or accent pieces I love!!!

Do you have a record player and need a place to store all your records?

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This is good for a more simpler look!

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We can get overwhelmed when designing a home. Keep it simple! Design one room at a time! Remember this is lifestyle and things can change all the time!

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