The Top Cities to Move to in the U.S. in 2021

Whether you’re looking to relocate to the United States from another country or are already living here and in search of a fresh start, choosing where to live is arguably the hardest decision you’ll have to make.

This is especially true if you’re planning on moving to a city rather than a suburb. 

Of course, a lot of factors go into a moving decision, including job availability, cost of living, quality of living, whether or not the area is family-friendly, and so on. Since moving to a new city already comes with an endless to-do list, we’ve compiled a list of the top cities to move to in the U.S. in 2021 to make your life easier.

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Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is mostly associated with Washington D.C., the Pentagon, and individuals holding defense jobs. However, the city is really coming into its own, and now a nice stretch of urban living on the Potomac River has become an attractive location full of cultural diversity and excellent nightlife.

Arlington’s proximity to Washington D.C. boasts a big-city infrastructure while upcoming neighborhoods like Pimmit Hills are redeveloping into single-family homes. There’s also easy access to the metro, great walkability and biking scores, and it’s guaranteed that there will be a park within 10 minutes of virtually any area you choose to live in here.  

Additionally, Arlington is also the future site of Amazon’s second headquarters, HQ2, which is projected to reach completion in 2023. Not to mention, as the tech industry grows within neighboring D.C., the regional economy will continue to grow as will the career circuit. 

Boise, Idaho

Boise is the most populous city in Idaho. As more and more people have moved out of California over the past decade, it’s become even more popular, thanks to its affordable cost of living and booming job opportunities in the health and tech industries.

Boise also comes with quite a beautiful setting, as it’s nestled in the high, mountainous desert and split by the gorgeous Boise River. It’s also a place so green it’s been nicknamed the City of Trees. 

The city’s North End is filled with historic housing and sites against the backdrop of hip new shops, restaurants, and plenty of outdoor activities. Not to mention, to the west is a growing suburb perfect for families.  

With the population here growing three times the national average, the downtown area is seeing its fair share of development, including projects such as a trolley service and possibly even a new sports stadium.  

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, always a popular city, was mostly known for its historic storefronts, quiet neighborhoods, and postmodern skyscrapers. Now the city is bustling and jiving with great big music, tech, and cultural scene.

The thriving city is also an epicenter of job growth, which is the main point that has helped change this city’s reputation of historic and quiet to “millennial boomtown.” Over the past decade, the city has added nearly 50,000 apartments which have reshaped its skyline. 

Construction hasn’t slowed down either. Projects such as the Lower’s Design Center are in the works, and among the many neighborhoods within the city are quickly turning in residential areas close to all the downtown excitement.   

Dallas, Texas

Whether you’re visiting or relocating, Dallas is always a good idea. The city is a hot spot for great music, equally great BBQ, and its affordability, with the median price of a two-bedroom apartment being roughly $1,137. 

The low cost of living has always been attractive to large corporations and families alike, and while there’s a main construction focus on adding density to the city, there’s no concern for it to become overpopulated like Manhattan anytime soon. Another good reason that Dallas made this list is for the fact that it’s highly walkable, lending itself to a more advantageous nightlife. 

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a mountainous metropolis of a city that just seems effortlessly cool compared to just about everywhere else. There are plenty of perks here for individuals and families with active lifestyles, not to mention there are a wealth of job opportunities that just can’t be beaten.

Overall, Denver’s quality of life and walkability take the cake. There some excellent parks to spend time in plus the city has just installed its new Golden Line Rail service which has sparked major transit and development in the downtown suburban areas. 

The trajectory of the city’s growth is creating an incredibly appealing city for the techy with an active lifestyle as office space is selling for a fraction of the price compared to other cities while the tech industry continues to grow there. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

All you need to know about Minneapolis is that it has become a booming city with a $2 billion Big Build initiative being funneled into its development. Additionally, the city has also seen a recent real estate rush fueled by a growing population in the Twin Cities region, which is no surprise. 

Minneapolis boasts plenty of recreational activities despite its frigid winters, not to mention a very active nightlife and plenty of affordable housing. With neighborhoods bordering parks and lakes with bike paths and so much more, it’s amazing that this city has flown under the radar for so long. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

Located within the Research Triangle, Raleigh is another city coming back to life thanks to the high-tech economy taking over the empty warehouses that sat around for a long time. 

With the tech boom also comes sky-line reshaping development that’s giving way to new high-end hotels and skyscrapers. And this is only the beginning. In the past four years alone, roughly $1 billion has gone into construction activity to revive the city’s downtown. 

One of the best things about this city is that it’s close to other fun places to visit such as Asheville and the Black Mountain State College campus (which is an experimental art school). Either way, between downtown, a new mega soccer stadium, and the surrounding areas, you’ll never run out of things to do here. 

At the rate of development we’re seeing in Raleigh, it’s quickly becoming known as the new hot spot for young business entrepreneurs.   

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