Do you like tiny homes?

Where would you put it?!

What if you could work less and pay less bills?!

More time for yourself!

Maybe there’s something new you’ve always wanted to try!

Some of the best memories I’ve had were of my family and I exploring new places and experiencing new things together while growing up. Time passes us by so fast if we don’t stop and smell the roses.

Deck out your surroundings!

Start with the scenery. Where is the location? What elements around you can you use to help you when you landscape? How much maintenance can you handle or want to take on?

Do you need all that’s in your home right now?

A lot of times we buy things without thinking where will it go? Is there a place for this or do I just want it? Tiny living has a place for everything you need. Maximize the space you have and make the best of it. Have a place where you can relax at and not worry about where things need to go!

I love a lot of different styles mixed together when designing my own home so it’s good to get many ideas. Here are a few I found on Pinterest…

Love how everything has its place in this space! Feels cozy, warm, and something out of a movie I’ve seen.

Create a space of your own!

Get straight to the fun things in life!

While living in a tiny home can seem like a downsize, there’s one thing I can’t compromise on and that’s the bathroom! One of my favorite things to do after a long day is relax in the tub while sipping a glass of wine.

Any style is awesome! What’s yours?!

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